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As everyone knows after a period of time is 2013, we also Chinese snake. Especially the snake friends in the selection of a pair of new shoes for their holiday but we are in the year of fate, imperceptibly in the myth, are blind in the selection of serpentine elements of shoes. In fact, as long as the new year simply, as long as happy new year, no matter what year, red will never out. This time, Nike launched Air Max 1 PRM new color matching, eager to find new shoes for the new year's friends, is definitely a good choice. The red, the festive and domineering perfect together. Like friends pay attention to, shoes will be on sale in January, do not miss yo. 2012-12-15 09:22 upload and download attachments (139.24 KB) 2012-12-15 09:22 upload download attachment (135.69, KB) 2012-12-15 09:22 upload download attachment (142.45, KB) 2012-12-15 09:22 upload download attachment (152.98, KB) Star, Wars and Adidas Originals always have unpredictable joint new products exposed. This time, there is a new color of the Superstar 2 hockey team color, fresh baked. It features a white leather upper and a crystal outsole, as if leading you into a world of ice and snow. The use of the two blue represents the perfect fusion of the sky and the soldiers. The union logo buy cheap jordans online on the sole and the heel of the obvious L. Skywalker logo represent the Rebel Alliance, perfect to incorporate the Star Wars Episode into the shoes. This is definitely a monumental shoe that is now available on Adidas. 5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE 2012 autumn winter joint series 2013-12-08 22:30:37 this season 5cm again to find international fashion brand joint cooperation, and the cooperation unit is already entered the New York fashion show Japanese fashion brand N.HOOLYWOOD. As everyone knows, 5cm has always been to the rock of N.HOOLYWOOD is the traditional American style, although the two brands of different styles, but also have to dress for the concept of vice line series, so both have consensus respectively with 5cm Tailor Line and N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE as a cooperative object, make the joint cooperation become more equal. 5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD series will arrive at 5cm store in September 15th Shanghai adidas Ultra Boost new double color now sold 2016-02-18 13:50:58 adidas Ultra Boost won the 2015 best seller shoes crown, a time to become the leading shoe ring. Adidas is also happy to introduce more color to meet the needs of the market, hoping to continue such a good situation. Today, the two new colors of the shoes have landed in some shops for sale, respe Retro jordans for sale ctively, with gray and black rendering uppers, so that it still maintained a good flavor of the tide, the price of $180, interested friends can go to the store to see it. 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Show your support on your team, player with your authentic cheap NFL jerseys at the moment. This article origines from coincides with Kobe Bryant just with adidas split up, has not yet signed any shoes brand Kobe Bryant become Nike in the eyes of the battleground. For he joined Nike Jordan Brand camp, deliberately introduced the Lakers to the Air Jordan 9 Kobe Bryant ", although he has never been in the NBA court dress, but & nbsp; Jordan Brand t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale his will reshape as a classic, the Jordan Fans bring the Lakers Air Jordan 9. Continuation of the Lakers white, purple and yellow color design, Air Jordan 9 "Kobe" will be in 11 19 number for sale. - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes shoes custom name AMAC plant of Customs Supreme x adidas Originals Supreme Stan Smith to create customized shoes and Ni for autumn and winter clothes, if you want to wear elegant fashion, a pair of delicate thigh boots are essential comments on a custom: the shoes factory AMAC Customs of Supreme x adidas Originals Supreme Stan Smith to create a custom shoes and a Ni for autumn and winter clothes, if you want to wear elegant fashion, a pair of delicate thigh boots are essential& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] use one word to describe the Nike ZVEZDOCHKA, that is: unusual. The space-inspired footwear first appeared in 2004, it features a new aesthetic design, became the focus of much attention, and highly sought after. bold shoe designs complex, wearing comfortable, versatile. It is not just a pair of shoes, it is a work of art, this unique modular constructio jordan 3 katrina 2018 n and thus stimulate a broad discussion of people. Nike is still able to feel this exciting moment left a lasting touch. The new questions raised has inspired burst, ZVEZDOCHKA certainly no exception. It tested the sneakers made fundamental concept, and promote the further integration of personalization and sustainable design. Nike president and CEO Mark ? Parker (Mark Parker) said: "When you are involved in a project, often not aware of what he learned, until the beginning of the next item in the design ZVEZDOCHKA you know when. We know this is a new breakthrough, because only the composition of the four can be interchangeable part of this shoe. We've simplified the production process and production methods and customized product design for a new exploration. This is well documented functional innovation to help birth a new aesthetic design. " To commemorate the tenth anniversary of ZVEZDOCHKA, Nike will be held in late December in Shanghai NikeLab X158, Hong Kong NikeLab PS7 initial sale again has five colors of ZVEZDOCHKA. This shoe will return to salute the extraordinary cooperation. Cooperation Culture History of Nike innovators and external cooperation is very rich. By learning from each other, Nike and its partners are on the product design proc cheap air jordans ess were refined and improved. In ZVEZDOCHKA design process, it turns out, the famous industrial designer Mark ? Newson (Marc Newson) is the perfect partner Nike. Parker said: "Mark type design approach to solve the problem and we have the same purpose, and are therefore quite natural for us to cooperate we discuss this project at the beginning, set their sights on an unexpected realm, that is. Traditional footwear process. So, we began to explore new areas, and found that the project is not just a new pair of shoes, it also has much more likely. " This shoe design is derived from the germination of this new field. Newsom said at the time: "From a functional point of view, I'm in the Russian space agency's experience gave me inspiration, inspired me to design a multi-functional shoes for the astronauts." shoe named also even from space. ZVEZDOCHKA It launched Sputnik in 1961 aboard the 10th (Sputnik 10) into the space of the Russian space dog's name. configuration ZVEZDOCHKA is the outcome of the landmark project. Shoe models designed entirely by computer molding, using a modular design. It can be connected to each other and exchange the four components, namely: housing, modular outsole, inner sleeve and inner sole. Four parts can be freely combined cheap foamposites and disassembly, suitable for a variety of purposes and the environment. breathable shell is the basis of modular components. Inner sleeve using elastic and wear-resistant materials, and feet very fit, like a second skin, the whole foot wrap them against bad weather. Shoes liner into position at Nike Zoom Air heel cushion to enhance the cushioning effect. Combined with the outsole by snap breathable shell connected to form the basis of the entire pair of shoes. sustainable design ZVEZDOCHKA Nike pioneer in sustainable design. It inherits the Nike environmental design concept, reducing material waste throughout the design and production processes. It is worth mentioning that, due to the modular concept put forward in the shoe during production, without the use of the time required for making conventional shoes more binders. Nike ZVEZDOCHKA is closed (ie, infinitely recyclable product) is the first attempt to make it possible Imagine a more sustainable future. Today, ZVEZDOCHKA Nike's influence perhaps the most significant sustainability innovation. This shoe encourage people to use innovative thinking to accelerate the pace of Nike lightweight, simple and sustainable products forward. In retrospect From the birth of the first generation ZVEZDOCHKA have air jordan 11 space jam for sale decades of history. Recently, Mark ? Parker and Marc Newson ? recalled the project. ZVEZDOCHKA represents a new way of shoes constructed. This is a challenge to tradition. Why to overturn the traditional design is so important? Mark ? Parker: To promote the most meaningful change, sometimes you need to overturn the traditional, open up a new way. If you use a traditional crop way, we can not create a ZVEZDOCHKA. But we did not expect, this ingenious idea will we introduce a such a field. Sometimes that is at the right time, with the right tools, we raised the right questions. I think things are always in a state of equilibrium among. To get the product to stimulate an emotional reaction, not always necessary to start from scratch. It is very important to achieve a breakthrough, but let product excellence is indeed an art. ? Marc Newson: As a designer, I think it is very important to challenge the limits, we must focus on the future, thinking of things in the future. Otherwise, it will become out of touch with reality. For me, design is the use of new technologies, new processes and new materials to constantly explore new possibilities. This often requires involving a variety of different industries. ZVEZDOCHKA how the future will continue to influence th jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e design of Nike or other brands? Mark ? Parker: ZVEZDOCHKA design concept for the Nike pioneered many exciting opportunities, including personalized, modular design, sustainable manufacturing. Design is an iterative process. An idea often based on the idea to another. Looking ahead, the thought of personalization and modular design to create opportunities, I was full of fighting spirit. Of course, in terms of sustainable design, ZVEZDOCHKA will continue to have a profound impact. The shoes abandoned all restraint, creating a sustainable future. This will be our relentless pursuit of the goal. ? Marc Newson: Overall, in the past and the future, the impact it generates not only to solve the design problem from another angle. Therefore, from the point of view of reality and the concept of point of view, this shoe is a product instead of a dress. Nike ZVEZDOCHKA will be on sale from December 29 through the Shanghai NikeLab X158, Hong Kong NikeLab PS7. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Fort Orem Waag shoes men) this is the air jordan 4 white cement Nike logo with a return to first, following the all star game sale, overseas will in 2016 March 16, a lot of replenishment, including the foot locker, Eas jordans on sale online tbay, footaction outlets will be for sale. source: sneakerbardetroit??????japan store online clothes The Pilot Oil Based Twin Markers write on all sorts of media including paper plastic metal and other surfaces Crafters and scrapbookers in particular love this pen and in the crafting community it is often referred to as the best pen for writing on washi tape cheap athletic socks Vegetable Singapore noodles vegan vegetarianrecipes http ncnskincare com store online clothes The Pilot Oil Based Twin " /〉 shox r reviews for horrible bosses Susan Aw susan aw one of our favorite colorists based at Embellish Salon Arcadia California has done it again Here she offers the details for this tasteful transformation Step Apply to root area Kenra AA Blue booster blended with volume developer Step Balayge low lights using Kenra Demi A N Step Balayage Highlights using Paul Mitchell DPL Olaplex Step Process for about mins lifting to level jacket nobis Nelihenkisen helsinkil isperheen tavallisen ep tavallista perhe el m joka py rii pitk lti ruokap yd n ymp rill amp japan store online clothes The Pilot Oil Based Twin Markers write on all sorts of media including paper plastic metal and other surfaces Crafters and scrapbookers in particular love this pen and in the crafting community it is often referred to as the best pen for writing on washi tape yesterday we brought the famous Japanese brand in the street pattern for LOGO SOPHNET. scorpion? X Vans another joint shoes, this SOPHNET. to Slip-On this classic shoes canvas shoes on the collocation of indigo, showing a SOPHNET. huge iconic white star pattern. Today, SOPHNET. re released including white T-shirt, dark blue T-shirt and shorts, white shirts are on both sides of the side by side write text LOGO, rendering Vans skateboard shape LOGO blue star blue T-shirt, shorts and shoes, blue star is particularly conspicuous, in addition to two Vans skate LOGO shape of synchronous launch decorations, this series has been named as the "Star Classic", will be held on May 28th at the BILLY's s and SOPHNET. store for sale. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (1) share to micro-blogdo you remember the new shoes we used in the previous report on all hand Shox technology? NikeLab Shox TLX Mid for the day before the launch of three new color, are all black and red team and the "rainbow". The first two will go on sale in October 9th, and the last of the "liquid metal" rainbow colours will be available for sale in October 23rd. How do you see the experience of Shox after many years? Together we look forward to. Converse launches Jack Purcell Boat Mid. Originally for badminton shoes, Converse, Jack, Purcell, in recent years, improved version constantly. The launch of the Jack Purcell Boat Mid, designed to help the type of boat shoes, retains the iconic open toed smile. The body of the shoe leather production, leather laces, overall texture. download (254.49 KB)〈br 2010-10-10="" 21:06 download (118.95 KB) with heart rate detection in intelligent running watch (1982) in 1977, (Seppo S yn j kangas) Finn founded company polar, the company in order to make the Finland National cross-country skiing team training more scientific, the invention of the first team in the history of wireless transmission of heart rate monitoring device, three years after them to apply for the first wireless heart rate measurement of patent, it later in 1982, polar: the first watch type heart rate table, use a heart rate monitor to develop training intensity is so popular to all over the world endurance exercise. shock absorption mountain bike (1989) 1987. The mechanic Paul Turner in a self show show his invention of the front suspension and the rear suspension system, two years later, Paul Turner founded the company rockshox launched a first batch of production 100 branch of the suspension fork, called RS1. The modern mountain bike with the front suspension, and some also with the rear suspension (soft tail mountain) in the roughness of the road like limit road, shock absorbers can offset some of the impact. Front fork is one of the parts in mountain biking with high content of science and technology, now market mountain bike fork basically with shock absorbers. EVA foam cushion running shoes (1975) In the 1970, chemist David schwaber invented the a soft, lightweight, high elastic foam, has a son called ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, is said the old Za EVA. It is based on modified polyethylene, cross-linking agent, foaming agent and other various materials, by charging points and mixed into slices and compression molding cross-linked foaming of (don't understand have no matter son, know that wear soft almost became). In 1975, the first pair of shoe pads made of EVA material came out. Because of the emergence of EVA, in the last century 80's, the world began to set off a running boom (it seems that the equipment party this thing is also a history of ah!) , more and more people wearing this material to do the comfortable shoes to join the ranks of running.