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Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau a fire burned more than 300 pairs of imported brands of men's, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in a large number of international top brands of clothing found in formaldehyde exceed the standard and the quality problem, recently, Guangzhou city industry and commerce departments and found many foreign brand clothing carcinogenic aromatic amine. As if overnight, international brands in China's rapid decline in credibility. who spoiled these international brands? industry and Commerce Bureau of Zhejiang province at the end of last year, the import of footwear in this province sampling inspection results show that: 46 batches of imported leather shoes, tourist shoes, the batch pass rate was only 23.91%. These shoes include Louis Weedon, Valentino, D & G and more than 10 of the world's top brands, including more than 300 pairs of shoes quality problems were destroyed. 25 kinds of substandard clothing in Shanghai city in January this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling found, labeled as imported clothing has 24 kinds, including Burberry BURBERRY, Armani ARMANI, Chanel CHANEL, Dior DIOR, Dupont, Zegna and other international top brands impressively. Guangzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau found recently in Edgar and Mark Ed Faye 15 batches of wom buy cheap jordans online en's brand of decomposable aromatic amine seriously exceed the standard. imported products from entering the country to the shelves of shopping malls, to go through customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, quality inspection and shopping malls 4 checkpoints. Reporters found in the interview, for many daily commodities, these layers of barriers, many times non-existent. senior foreign trade practitioners believe that the 4 inspection supervision procedures, customs inspection focuses on whether the goods suspected of smuggling or violation of intellectual property rights, for the quality of the product itself, the first substantive level is actually the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments. And the "People's Republic of China import and Export Commodity Inspection Law") precisely did not include shoes, clothing and other products included in the statutory inspection directory, therefore, for these products, China's door is completely open. although leather shoes and clothing are not included in the statutory inspection scope, but according to the provisions of the quality supervision departments to conduct sampling inspection of imported goods. In many shopping malls in the management of their own requirements, product quality also requires administrator in the new companies before check. But a British famou jordans on sale mens s shoe brand dealer told reporters, quality inspection department inspection every year to two times, but also to the mall exhaustive; visual based self-test. Overall, China's market regulation is rather loose". in addition, experts pointed out that compared with Europe and the United States the design is strict and constantly updated quality standards, product quality standards in China not only lag, and in many fields are blank, this is the regulatory loopholes. Professor Huang Xianhai, Zhejiang University School of business said that some multinational companies in taking multinational market strategy, tend to develop production and sales strategy according to the product sales market supervision characteristics and consumption characteristics, if the host country market supervision is not strict, standard loose, consumers are not very) recently, sponsored by the American Embassy in Chinese, centre of international cultural exchange of the American country concert brought together many celebrity in the trend, and one of the most compelling than those non art business people. Hongkong, Paris, around New York and other major urban modernization, music and fashion has become a racing together bridle to bridle a spiritual symbol of life a new era of consumer groups. Indeed, in the new era of market economy, the urban populati jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black on for the consumption of goods are often more focused on mental enjoyment, but also triggered a new round of thinking for commodity marketing enterprises. is now in such a fierce market competition, the enterprise and how to from the marketing of an identical nature in the battle for talent shows itself, it will undoubtedly become the new aspect of enterprise marketing innovation. In this regard, the authorities after a round of market tracking on the spot after the inspection, were consistently found that music played an important role in the enterprise brand marketing breakthrough homogenization marketing plays an irreplaceable, music marketing has become a major highlight of the current brand marketing. music marketing is one of the most dynamic language "music marketing is the most dynamic brand development language." The French marketing expert Bidelisi · says Crete. As the name implies, music marketing is the marketing of music as the carrier, is the enterprise brand and consumers to achieve the best communication language, is the most modern way to attract consumers attention. But in a sense, music marketing is still largely broke through the traditional visual contact, by sound reputation to subtle strengthen consumer brand of memory, and even some enterprises also brand culture directly penetrate into the m cheap foamposites usic, or the music marketing is the best indicator as a shoe brand rooted in the forefront of the market. Needless to say, the key lies in the promotion of music marketing highlights between consumers and brands create a relaxed and natural interaction, and that consumers in the process left deep branding. But for the shoe industry, from two aspects of perspective, that shoe brand advertising music and background music into place terminal layout. implanted footwear brand advertisement music as everyone knows, the music is called the most common of all human beings are words, and advertising as a new media carrier. The fusion of the two for the enterprise brand marketing has plays an irreplaceable role. Indeed, the "visual advertising + hearing music" can not only promote the deep interaction between brands and consumers from the higher level, but also can boost the brand marketing preliminary innovation difference of. But it is worth noting that the implantation of brand marketing advertising in the music must be consistent with the concept of the enterprise, regardless of the enterprise is television advertising mode or network video mode, on the one hand, the requirements are the same. Although the market was generally consistent using ready-made pop songs to implant, and by allowing consumers to listen, try other ways to Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale preliminary)Dream dream began Nike Sportwear Suit 2013-12-08 22:02:35 Memorial In the last year to regain the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men's basketball gold medal, the United States men's basketball "Dream Team" will be their target once again locked in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. Inheritance of the 1992 "Dream Team" label, the United States men's basketball team will also work harder to defend their dominance on the basketball world. 2012 ?? is the first Dream Team was founded to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the time, to this end, Nike Sportwear will introduce a new set of engraved & quot; Dream Team "to commemorate the suit, including the Nike Air Force 180 (Buckley), Nike Air More Uptempo (Pippen), Nike & nbsp; shox BB4 (Carter), Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 & nbsp;, Nike Air Force 1 dream team color and a twentieth anniversary of the jacket. All shoes and jackets this package will use the US team's traditional white / navy blue / red color.Women Nike Air Presto are amazing walking sneakers known owing to its cushioning in each of the correct places. These walking sneakers produce a flexible ride for even probably the most experienced runner. With an Arch Lock strategy to allow for a wide selection associated with arch heights, these walking sneakers were which was designed to generate a comfortable run for yo air jordan 11 space jam for sale u. For the runner whereby enjoys walking outside than in a very gym, pick up Women Nike Air Presto Shoes which are manufactured for rugged trail goes. Using an EVA midsole this reduces pronation while jogging, these walking sneakers may have your entire needs achieved as people dash trails and disappear around tight curves. And also keeping you comfortable having those long hikes, these walking sneakers on top of that have a waterproof exterior to hold you dry as people today bound through small creeks coupled with dewy fields, air finest 2011 women. Their models are manufactured in making definite optimum comfort.And there are other series sold at low price on our Original Nike Sport Shoes website. Women Wear Nike Roshe Run Shoes For Doing Exer" /〉 I like this news,and it's from A Bathing.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Bathing Ape's upcoming new shoes this week, including Road Sta and Bapesta Foil two series, including the use of the Bape Road Sta classic lattice grain pattern, the introduction of black, khaki green, three colors, Bapesta launched eye-catching bright skin style. There were red, gold, pink, blue and purple 5 new color. Bape; new shoes this week hit pure blue Air Jordan Flight 45 commented on last article: "Bape, new shoes this week, hit the next one: pure blue Ai jordans on sale online r Jordan Flight 45."Primary color new 574S, dream 2017-09-07 18:12:34 at the end of the world what's your life boundary, ? is the city's cement brick wall, a tall building is the desert between sea and sky sunset? we're always looking for inner peace, , the silent feeling wants to look for is the restoration of "Silence" with the primary color into the city without the state of no domestic creative platform TOPYS + Holland digital art team; Random Studio co curated New Balance 574SThe new theme of the exhibition # primary # let the "primary colors" in the exploration of "new" opens up a silent blank space allows you to dream and unleash imagination follow the direction light guide in primary . blank space and white device gives more possibilities to light colored travel to pure white 574S shoes not only echoes the whole environment to extend the sense of is an important switch to open this journey. left foot manipulation color transform right foot controls light, shadow, light and shade in addition to the dreamlike scene the sound that changes with the shoe's shaking speed allows you to immerse yourself in the sensory roaming between has no interference from the outside world has no lingering shadow, disappears in the restricted boundary of space is in jordan 3 katrina 2018 the world of "new primary colors" stay conscious and immersive experience restore your pure spiritual world experiencer can freely mix the light and color in space meets everyone's different interpretations of space is like 574S can always give you different solutions to your life, City 〉the brand again in collaboration with Ronnie Fieg, launched 2011 New Winter Boots (2010, the two sides had in hand), were selected to make soft leather shoes, also equipped with a Vibram bottom and cork used outdoor boots in the bottom, and sewed in connection with pure handmade, rich finesse. manual, 20110.jpg (422.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 1.jpg (495.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 2.jpg (306.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 3.jpg (269.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 4.jpg (410.31 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 5.jpg (369.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 6.jpg (389.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the a cheap air jordans lbum 2016-1-9 11:07 upload 7.jpg (377.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-9 〉 [global shoes network] basic necessities four things, "line" in the final finale. Everyone goes to work and study every day, winter is better, in summer is the time, often encounter rain situation. Inside the shoes, it feels damp and uncomfortable. At this time, people will consider using the traditional shoe dryer. In general, there is only one pair of shoes, that is, only one pair of shoes is used. If there are more people in the family, they can only take turns, not only for trouble, but also for one. had been waiting long! This pair of North Carolina blue color Air Jordan 11 Low "UNC" will be officially on sale next week, April 15th landing! only uses a white blue color vigorous temperament, pure North Carolina blue tune is fascinated by the classic elements of sneakers lovers so far. the choice of materials has greatly improved, the collar of the shoe part of the cortex, making the overall specifications and visual texture, is not a small improvement! in the undertaking of classic, this pair of Air Jordan 11 Low "UNC" to the quality of our experience and refreshing feeling, is the spring and summer quite recognizable a scenery line! In addition to men, GS size (No. 528896-106) wil Retro jordans for sale l also be synchronized shelves, you are ready to have AJ Girl? number: 528895-106 release date: April 15, 2017 sale price: $$175saw the gradual warming of the weather, when the upper part of the T-shirt naturally cannot ignore your choice, no matter how much you love Air Jordan, summer wear also can not give you a cool, so choose a pair of comfortable and stylish sandal is absolutely the first choice Items Shopping warmth. In a single product accessories brand in Japan Suicoke started gradually in recent years specializing in market with nylon strap sandals, comfortable and breathable collocation Vibram outsole has gradually become the summer sandals in a series of attention selection. Suicoke quickly jump red and its special design are inextricably linked, the sandals are focusing on cool and breathable, rarely in shape and collocation point of view, so many of my friends would set on Sneaker do not want to control the look slightly ugly traditional sandals. But Suicoke has to find another way to change all the details the continuation of the basic concept, only in the upper strap design nylon segments more than ten kinds, different wearing needs to bring friends to custom like choice; in addition to join the Ottomans and cortical Vibram soft bottom is more comfortable and wear bring qualitative change, to ensure the fresh at the same time make your feet no longer tired. in the establishment of the basic style, Suicoke also with BEAUTY&, YOUTH, Norse, Projects, mastermind, JAPAN, BEAMS and other brands launched joint limit series, injected rich fashion concept. Not only that, Suicoke also overturned the concept of sandals which could not be worn in winter. The spring and Autumn period also introduced a special match of cowhide and sheepskin uppers with suede lining, which was enough to withstand the cold. Suicoke is not so much a brand as a pioneer. It has come up to meet the summer needs of fashion lovers, and is still on the move to explore more diverse design changes. Suicoke x mastermind JAPAN Suicoke x Norse Projects Suicoke x BEAUTY& YOUTH Suicoke x BEAMS Suicoke x hoboAt the beginning of Suicoke design, and perhaps can not distinguish the specific models, because of changes in the nylon bag is too rich, so according to individual demand segmentation is the best way. If you're looking for the ultimate cool, then the simple DEPA-V2 can definitely be met; if you need 〉 as a good Sneakerhead, Nike's Air Foamposite One classic shoes is definitely not miss the classic works, seen earlier in the "Eggplant" (that is, we usually say "eggplant spray") color of the L.C.M, before finally broke the online shoe sale related information. The shoe body with electro-optic purple color as the main, combined with black boots more within the overall texture of the avant-garde, the Air Foamposite One consistent tone plating obviously. Finally, with carbon fiber board and crystal bottom show. It is reported that this "double eggplant" spray will be officially released in July 29th, priced at $230."chameleon" is designed for AirJordan1OGRetroHigh "All-Star" as the theme of the All-StarGame all star game, has a very unusual color value! AirJordan1OGRetroHigh "All-Star" in the tone appeared on the black and white color collocation and simple package, the upper crystal outsole revealed it is a unique gloss color tone. Very easy to wear, and hidden colorful details, crystal at the end of the further push up the blessing of fashion index, is an absolutely extraordinary popularity of shoes! Xiaobian together to enjoy real details. in fashion circles as the most popular shoes series, Air Jordan Air Jordan is fully deserve, the birth of every pair of shoes will attract a lot of shoes fans attention, if you are a loyal fan of AJ, then I believe you AJ ZERO shoes will not unfamiliar? When AJ ZERO was born but attracted the favor and praise many fans of shoes, then look back now, it is a collection of multi generation Air Jordan shoes the essence of literature! popularity, career soar Rihanna always has a good performance in the dress collocation, and her skillful technology is pursued by people, not like Rihanna Lady Gaga as "hardcore", there is no Taylor Swift so sweet, she will use a variety of different styles to create their own Style, in the choice of shoes Rihanna is Air Jordan fans, in her shot in the street can often see Air Jordan shoes! whether collocation skirt or trousers, Rihanna can always become the focus of eye-catching! can be seen from the graph, you can see the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 4 from the bottom, bottom and Air Jordan 20 Jordan Son of Low in the bottom of inherited Air Jordan 5, but from the details can be seen on the part of the tongue is to follow the same Air Jordan 4! Jordan Son of Low, Air Jordan 4 based on the bottom, in the upper Jordan3, Air and other help 4, 5, 6 classic elements with beautiful yellow purple with black purple, the Lakers and kings flavor show! was the implementation of a total of two colors, yellow, grey and black, grey and purple grape grape purple, so selling shoes, do you remember? I am AJ shoes obsessed lovers, if you also love AJ shoes, start from here, we work together to defend your favorite AJ series, so that every step began jumping! Want to know more about the trend of Air Jordan information, welcome to search [AJpro23]!