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after 9 months of silence, the beginning of September to the EU once again Chinese products frequently anti-dumping "big stick": in September 4th, 5, the European Union on the Chinese production of citric acid and MSG initiated anti-dumping investigation; after a review after 15 months, the European Commission and suggestions for the production Chinese energy-saving lamps levy 1 anti-dumping duty; and is struggling under the sword of anti-dumping China shoe, also recently ushered in the EU anti circumvention investigation...... at the same time, a strong sense of "reflection" voice sounded: since the EU EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson said publicly, though taking anti-dumping duties and other trade punitive measures often is reasonable and correct, but if the anti-dumping measures to limit the EU enterprises pursue reasonable profit management strategy or like in China energy-saving lamps in the case of flagrant disregard for energy-saving policy of the European Union and the European production determine the reality, also be counterproductive. reflective period brings rare calm in fact, at present, the EU is on the trade policy of "reflection" argument: in December 2006, the EU Trade Commission issued a "green book" to solicit public opinion, launched for the first time in 10 years of large-scale assessm jordans on sale online ent and discussion of including anti-dumping trade measures. The findings of the green paper will be announced soon, and the European Commission will review the anti-dumping measures. review in recent years China's products suffer from the EU trade investigation can see obvious fluctuation: 2005, 2006 the European Union on the Chinese initiated 9 trade remedy investigations, 12 case, and in 2007, from the EU trade remedy investigation is a rare period of silence. "the EU interest group has been engaged in a fierce game performance, calm, and a sudden increase in trade remedy case is only a manifestation of this game only," Panyu Chuangxin Shoes Co., Ltd. chairman Wu Zhenchang said. In the EU's footwear products anti-dumping investigation in the case, Wu Zhenchang had launched the "EU anti-dumping shoes products Union, on behalf of China shoe with the European Commission" a few rounds of World War ii". Last October 4th, the European Union finally ruled that it would impose a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes, and the time limit was shortened to two years from the previous five years. the double-edged sword effect game will continue and this year, one) Spanish anger burned Chinese shoes fire has been in the past two years, the Russian seizure of Chinese shoes also quiet for a long tim buy cheap jordans online e, but the Chinese shoes are still endless storm. In 2006, it was not auspicious in shoe enterprises. Some Chinese footwear products were seized at the port of Italy on the grounds that the potential toxic substances tested in the sampling test exceeded the standards set by the European union. Since the end of last year, seven ministries jointly issued "on the control of high energy consumption and high pollution and resource products export related measures of the notice", the domestic leather industry seems to be in swing state, loss, hardship is the leather industry in the first half of the overall feeling. Shoe making enterprises are also in bad times, especially in China, which is mainly based on the export of European Union countries. But the shoe enterprise's dispirited, then directly affects the tannery enterprise survival condition. The entire footwear industry's value chain chain has been threatened with great survival. "volume does not represent the competitiveness of the footwear industry as labor-intensive industries in recent years has not been out of the rising trend of labor costs, to scale or to the quality of the competition to the new competition, it is necessary for us to reflect deeply on the problems." Hengda Group Chairman Wang Jiwan says to the author. For a long time, the domestic footwear manufactur jordan 3 katrina 2018 ers serious in technology on the homogeneity of shoes, color models on the basic PA, either in person or OEM difficult day, put a huge effort to create their own brand, otherwise the enterprise can only wait for death. In the homogenization of products, quality homogenization, homogenization of channels, marketing homogenization today, "we can not do an average unit price of 5.9 U. S. dollars."ASICS the new regression Gel-Lyte V called "sunset", apparently monochromatic feeling very good cater to the theme, the color of the shoe body is located above the white sole, like a sunset like dusk, comfortable and beautiful. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! /〉Penny Pack Sharpie set in the first match after using Megafuse in the later style Nike continued to suede fabric as Air Penny 6 upper surface moist texture and smooth, even just Foamposite is metallic luster strong contrast, in the latest generation but appears in the past by cutting up the strong sense of hierarchy. The recent release of 'Memphis Tigers' Penny Hardaway again Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale to his alma mater University of Memphis is a source of inspiration, one of the most important elements of this kind of blue is the Penny series, the back of the Air Penny 6 to form: Retro collocation technology, Taiwan is expected to debut recently. source: NikeA hitherto unknown female domestic won the 22.5K a new record total Chongqing junior high school track and field teacher ran out of group 22.5K and a The first highlight of the tournament is Chongqing junior high school athletics teacher Miss Fu Shuping, her meeting time is 1 hours 24 minutes and 28 seconds won the contest a total of 22.5K group, according to the event served as senior referee chief Liu Fufu said, this is the first time, a new record total of 22.5K was also the first woman championship trophy is no longer the exclusive for men's runner. The 22.5K team champion hitherto unknown by the "spirit of Liangshan" won the first to finish shuabao Hao happy end point sprint line to accept the people cheer The field inside and outside the warm tidbits jokes constantly Captain America early and spider man don't compete with new running shoes strongly recommend GORUN FORZA .'s new generation of 5GEN, the midsole, provides shock absorbers and kinetic feedback. . seamless lightweight uppers, experience excellent comfort and breathability. After . injection insi jordans on sale mens de the inner sheet and the shoe support belt, enhance stability and fit. . reflective function details and double hardness rubber outsole, meet the needs of life in running. Taiwan region tomorrow will have two Air Jordan 6 Retro offering, priced at NT$4500 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang 23 Reagan smile - Reagen sports a Heng sports Fucheng Co. Ltd. is source: Sole Collector / Nike2005 NBA, President of David Stern issued the dress code requirements for the players team or League activities must use business casual clothing, this is undoubtedly the past known as the shirt, jeans, shoes, hats, loose T-Shirt and yellow boots Hip-Hop culture to ban, and well known in the NBA is the most representative of this the style of non Allen Iverson is, the individual distinctive he also influenced many of the players wear. Therefore, the "Dress Code Junior - Denim 'version used here links the shoe body representative banned denim jeans; toe suede, shoelaces and coke bottom symbol also banned wearing yellow boots. Other details, such as the heel, use the logo to fully represent the design concept of the pair. Reebok Question Mid almost every year and every ne Retro jordans for sale w stage, all around the story of the Iverson to the Iverson, also represents the personal characteristics significantly enabled many design to explain, let more people understand him. source: sneakerpolitics Kobe and former NBA star Bryant has retired from playing a season, but still loved his fans by Nike Kobe launched shoes will continue to be a continuation of the spirit of Mamba in every field, besides the symbol of new start Kobe A.D. and Kobe A.D NXT, in actual combat with good evaluation the Venomenon series also launched the sixth generation. Nike Kobe Venomenon 6 to maintain the design of low tube of a used simple neat, shoe body mainly to strengthen network materials form stable effect on the TPU film, the bottom in the outer coating with translucent Pomo way ornament add details, and deliberately left bottom transparent blocks are visible Zoom air Air configuration should be a continuation of the previous on behalf of the before and after long after the foot configuration, shape similar to Kobe when used in Italy map, also add a bit of fun Kobe shoes. Nike Kobe Venomenon 6 "Cool Gray" has currently in Japan atmos sale, priced at 15120 yen, there are black, white and gray three kinds of choices, if there is further information on the future of Taiwan to share with you. source: atmosadidas launched its two signing player air jordan 11 space jam for sale Iman Shumpert and Jrue Holiday exclusive color Adidas Crazy 97. The first visible in the developing circle design for two people "21" and "11" number, Shumpert with deep orange collocation blue dotted, and the decorative pattern on the three line identification; Holiday is the use of white blue red color light show, through the blue and red silhouetted show dazzling sense. Two pairs of colors are retro Adidas Crazy 97 brings new weather. Foreign has been sold, priced at $110 U. S. dollars. The United States custom division El Cappy published a new creative project, with the classic engraved Air Jordan 3 white models reconstruction; into the rap song "Jet? Curren$y? Life" to design, the whole shoe purple blocks to hand-painted lines appear, and even JumpMan trapeze signs also replace style. The guest version is to have this unique taste. [attention tracking, FOLLOW sneakers, fan Corps] [more sneakers, intelligence / celebrities with the ball, SneakerBow, main station] adidas and Japan fashion brand Kolor once again work together to jointly interpretation of Pure Boost ZG joint shoes. When the Kolor host Abe Junichi from the perspective of sports shoes interpretation, will produce what kind of change? After the last time brought Ultra Boost, we saw the original jogging shoes can also put on high color vitality color, thi cheap foamposites s time in the Pure Boost ZG application, but with a calm color show. A new member of the Pure Boost ZG is also equipped with Boost technology and Primeknit material, the outsole thickening also enhances the durability of leather was also enriched the details of decoration, such tonality seems to be with the spirit of the brand of Kolor. Kolor x adidas Pure Boost ZG can now be purchased on the network platform Slam Jam Socialism. to the general version of Pure Boost ZG, Taiwan will debut tomorrow. source: ComplexBlue / fluorescent Nike, Flyknit, Racer, "USA", there have been limited sales, and at the moment this is the sample version, the biggest difference is in the bottom of the front of the fluorescent color, different from the commercial version of the blue. These samples are now on sale at eBay. Nike Air Max with visual air cushion, it is a new series, because of this, rewritten the innovation process of sports shoes. The Air Max road is not a smooth sailing. Please pay tribute to the innovative designers who are committed to visual air cushion! Jinjiang entrepreneurs look to Vietnam market at present, in Jinjiang shoe industry encountered difficult to recruit workers, to buy land, intense homogeneous competition, environmental pressure surge and other development dilemma, entr cheap air jordans epreneurs began to look for these breakthrough the bottleneck in the development of a new growth point in the industry. And Vietnam - the rapidly rising country of footwear industry, has naturally become the focus of attention of entrepreneurs in Jinjiang. shoe enterprises - marching into Vietnam's Vanguard development in Vietnam market on the road is undoubtedly the pioneer Guohui shoe company. In a few years ago, Jinjiang shoe enterprises also focus on expanding the scale of production in the local, Guohui shoe company has already started to invest in Vietnam, production cooperation in local dealers and Guohui company brand shoes. According to Ding Guosi Guohui shoe general manager, the company is currently in Vietnam has four shoe production lines in the production of sports shoes. Using the cheaper local labor force and the preferential policies of local government to support development, the new production base has a certain cost advantage compared with the current domestic shoe-making enterprises. leather shoes market is vast at present, the rapid development of the footwear industry in Vietnam, mainly in low technology low-grade shoes production. And the local leather shoes industry supporting the development of the footwear industry is still lagging behind. The demand for shoes material in Vietnam ma jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rket is increasing rapidly with the development of shoemaking industry. The benefits of new material general manager Cai Qingsan introduction, at present in the domestic shoe competition, Vietnamese market development will be a major breakthrough in shoe enterprise development. The shoemaking industry of Vietnam basically is centered in Hanoi and Hu Zhiming city two places, the corresponding shoe material supporting industry catenary has not been established, shoe material market foreground is broad. And while Leather General Manager Xu Huinong also said that now more and more enterprises will look leather technology and price advantage, the market will have a brilliant future in vietnam. shoe industry and old customers to bring new markets at present, the shoe-making enterprises in Vietnam mainly rely on Taiwan funded enterprises. These Taiwan funded enterprises is earlier in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places to invest and set up factories. In recent years, the production costs of the footwear industry in the mainland have risen rapidly, and these enterprises have turned their attention to Vietnam, India and other places with lower production costs. A large amount of money has quickly turned into an industrial scale after entering the local area. And because the production is low shoes, many Vietnamese enterprises at the time of purchase is Chinese inland shoe-making enterprises eliminated second-hand machine. Now, many local enterprises have begun to upgrade their old machinery while expanding the scale of production. According to just nowYellow cyclone Wheat swept to the shoe city, and will be back to this classic color of wheat covered with Jason Kidd Air Zoom Flight 95 sign shoes body. This new work by the yellow shoes and shades of big eyes, but the details are from silver decoration, finally equipped with white outsole structure. nike-zoom-flight-95-wheat-1.jpg (64.76 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 Wheat 2015-12-8 09:45 upload nike-zoom-flight-95-wheat-2.jpg (115.37 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 Wheat 2015-12-8 09:45 upload nike-zoom-flight-95-wheat-3.jpg (108.09 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 Wheat 2015-12-8 09:45 upload classic, Nike, yellow shoes, signs 00since the sale in October 2014, XII LeBron has been on sale for the eight color, including the conference debut of the seven models and the Christmas World War ii. As for color master Nike, the beginning of 2015 also means that the release of more color. This black and red color presents LeBron 12 "court vision" may be used as starting in 2015 LeBron color, is the official release information is still unknown, at present there are a small number of samples appeared eBay sale. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: eBay when we see the white and red flame AIR JORDAN 5, we will think of the black flame color of AIR JORDAN 5, the JP Customs make it a dream come true. The new shoes in black nubuck leather color collocation, silver white plastic decorative holes and crystal shoe buckle design, red decoration on the tongue JUMPMAN logo, 23 words and red lining, insole collocation black shark teeth and crystal bottom decoration details with white and red flame shall agree without prior without previous consultation. recently, Nike's regional brand Nike Sportswear launched Valentine's special edition Air Force 1 LOW "Amor"". I believe that soon before the 1 - Year Nike Air Force of The Rabbit special edition of the year of the rabbit has reminded everyone of the desire, the Nike Sportswear hot and launched the 2011 Valentine's Day Special Edition Air Force 1 shoes, "Amor" name, literal interpretation as" Cupid ", with the red and white intertwined classic color and, roses and love all over the body of the shoe pattern, echoing the festive atmosphere I also show a strong love. It is understood that the shoes are sold only as women's shoes and will be on sale in February., following Jordan, Brand, Nike, and Under Armour, launched the all star themed shoe style, and Adidas was reluctant to fall behind. recently, Adidas D Rose 5 Boot "Superstar" online exposure, shoes to Adidas D Rose 5 Bootst modeled on, and deliberately selected the traditional landmark shell, black and white organic combination. is made of serpentine material on both sides of the shoe and is decorated with gold lace buttons. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:INK3UFANG] Nike Mach Force Mid on may all the shoes have impression, it is the end of 80s and early 90s hightops model, tongue classic "FORCE" logo will be able to see its inspiration. This time we have to enjoy this type of shoes to help the low version of a Nike Mach Force rare sample shoes, shoes in black suede material as the background, at the same time, the green water collocation tongue LOGO Swoosh and heel decoration, fluorescent green lining, royal blue shoes and heel package, to bring a lot of money sense of vitality. Under the white midsole, black and royal blue lines are worn. This sample shoes are now on sale at eBay on identitiesrevealed, and like retro feeling friends, may wish to pay attention to.