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the weather gradually gets warmer, more and more restaurants became the preferred place for leisure all meals. There are also a lot of running friends in the about running, swimming in the ocean of food and wine. Wine to the runner in the end is the enemy is a friend? Would you like to drink? How much is appropriate? How do you drink? Drink much how to do? first of all, drinking is certainly harmful to the majority of the runners, but the need for work, business, or difficult to control the desire, it is difficult to refuse. Or to learn about the good and bad drinking for runners, the right to face the disadvantages of drinking: 1. prevents muscle enhancement after training the body's muscle fibers will be damaged, to take protein to repair. What about drinking at this time? Muscles need to be developed to testicular testosterone hormone (a kind of male hormone), alcohol will not only prevent testicular hormone secretion, but also lead to muscle material cortic (cortisone) decomposition. 2. increased visceral burden a lot of people have experienced too much, but no appetite". High intensity traini air jordan 11 space jam for sale ng, the internal organs will be tired. To restore the internal organs from damage, of course, the need for protein. If you drink alcohol at this time, the energy will be a priority to break down alcohol. 3 dehydrated alcohol diuretic, beer itself not only can not pay, drink beer after the urine will increase. So drinking beer to fill water, especially in the summer drink. 4 functional low alcohol can make the body all kinds of low performance: brain, breathing, muscle...... a few errors: 1. wine nutrition? 1g alcohol is equivalent to: 7kcal energy, 1g sugar 4kcal, 1g fat 9kcal. Although alcohol energy is high, but it is different from sugar, fat, alcohol will not be stored in the body. Most alcohol is absorbed by intestines and stomach, it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the liver. There is no small part of the liver metabolism by sweat, urine excretion in vitro, there is a little through the breath. Basically alcohol will be 100% metabolism, does not become a body composition. Many people say that wine is the essence of food, do not eat or drink, but it is wrong, not only can not e buy cheap jordans online at wine, but also lead to nutritional disorders. 2. running hangover? Many people think that can make the drink running with sweat from alcohol, help hangover. In fact, most of the alcohol consumed is decomposed by the liver. In the liver hard to break down the alcohol time to exercise, will only let the blood flow into the liver to reduce, reduce the ability to decompose alcohol. After running the result is counterproductive, not only can not hangover, but slow down the recovery. 3. before the game can drink? there is often to the field to Happy Valley running friends, before a day running friends gather to drink, which will not only increase the risk of dehydration of the game. Moreover, drinking can not be deep sleep, light sleep will lead to the game is not good. 4. can fill up with beer. as the playoffs started, Jordan Brand also for its players launched a version of the air jordan XXX, including Russell & middot thunder. Westbrook, spurs Leonard, wasp Kaminsky. Kaminski did not own the exclusive logo, of course, but have to say he throws a good, previously also take locationsconvenientin, i jordans on sale mens n advance of the foot air jordan 12wings, it is enviably. But the color of the Air Jordan for XXX will not be sold. Source: solecollector in the early morning of October 22, 2006, Li Qi, 29, returned to Sichuan, where he had been away for years. In the Chengdu Railway Station, Li Qi under the train, carrying his luggage to downtown. Turning around in the footwear section of the mall, he found that the origins of the shoes were: Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan...... A pair of "made in Sichuan" are not available. Ten years ago, Li Qi worked Sichuan to Dongguan a shoe company, is now a senior shoe industry, heard that "east of the westward movement of shoes" of the news, he immediately returned home from Guangdong, going to find a job related with shoe in the vicinity of Chengdu. "I don't believe Sichuan can't make its own shoes," Li Qi said!" to be exact, Li Qi means that he does not believe that Sichuan cannot make a global top brand. The reality is that Li Qi's words are still looking forward to blessing. an age without brands although the "Chinese women's shoes" jordan 3 katrina 2018 of the title was settled in Chengdu in 2006, but the footwear industry in Chengdu did not begin in 2006. Its development process is basically synchronized with China's reform and opening up. More than twenty years, Chengdu shoe industry witnessed the fruits of reform, but also experienced numerous waves. The shoe that survive in this land development is not all good luck, some of them grow up, while others stay forever in the memory, some still retains more than 20 years ago to pattern, the way of manual mill piaffe. even today, we can still in some shoe shop of Chengdu City Jinhua Town, saw more than a dozen years ago: production workshop filled with all kinds of shoe boxes, printed prominently above, every kind of brightly coloured logo, a low down but not seen "Chinese manufacturing" or "made in Chengdu" any brand. Only those) In order to standardize our shoes number mark and promote the international market of our shoes, we will promote the development and improvement of our shoes industry. National quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in 1998 noon l 16 released our country equ jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ivalent to adopt international standard ISO9407: l99l world shoes number, the latest "shoes number" (GB/T3293.1-l998) National standard. The standard was drafted by the China Light Industry Association shoemaking Research Institute, which was prepared by Zhou Jing, Gao Cheng, and Qi Xiaoxia. It has been implemented since L2, 1, l998. The standard is explained and explained by the national shoe Standardization Center, which replaces the shoe number of the original GB3293-82. Any shoes that circulate on the market of our country must mark Chinese shoes number according to this standard. Application of standard shoe size identification method, and discusses the shoes world (Mondopoint) the basic characteristics of naming system of shoes. The standard is infinitely applicable to all types of shoes. The 1. the indefinite meaning of shoes including shoes. Boots, slippers, sandals and all other types of footwear. Between the 3. foot vertical money endpoint the longest toe with the vertical line and the mid point of heel contact the horizontal distance, measured by the average body weight distrib cheap foamposites ution to erect in feet. And wearing shoes and adapt 4. feet around the perimeter of the foot. With the tape measure the first and the fifth metatarsal and interphalangeal joint of the first and fifth: the perimeter of metatarsophalangeal joint was cut, when the quantity of tape shall not be too loose or too tight. Measurement and measurement of the same length of foot. 5. feet wide feet around the horizontal plane of projection. Represents the horizontal distance between the two vertical lines in contact with the first and fifth metatarsophalangeal joints. The measurement conditions are the same as those of the foot length. 6. of the normal foot and foot is defined according to the statistical results and anatomical study. The basic characteristics of the standard shoe number system: shoes based on the international system of units (SI), the foot is only used in measuring the international system of units. shoe number system is based on the following two measurements: note: the above provisions does not exclude the use of hem in various stages of footwear. method to determine th Retro jordans for sale e size of shoes)Why is the most astute game player will buy shoes shoes in the near future? this week the weather throughout the country more "extreme"! While the sky under fire, while typhoon began to blow! but you have not found a lot of shoes, playing buddy, the scorching sun and typhoon in buy buy buy, also inadvertently exposed honey smile! seems to feel really cool hunters harvest! there are many shoes market prices have entered the "freezing point price", the reason is of course related to weather, but it is a great start, the magnitude of the price you can already feel directly, and a lot of shoes is made clear in the autumn and winter prices! Foamposite Jordan and Air spray foam are recent you can focus on the welfare of the harvest, no matter is the first half of the sale of styles, or the recent new products, now the price basically is "do not buy is not" feeling ...For example, small with the double! This morning just to express, also with the smell of Canada ... so, you need to do, is to stay in air-conditioned room, the air conditioner to the maximum, in the autumn and Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale winter like cool, feel to imagine, think about which pair of shoes will be your most wanted on foot in the autumn and winter, and then look at the price, you can order! The recent sale of new shoes display you Although is summer, but the recent sale of shoes is still intense, which also has a lot of personality quality, bring the following to the recent sale of new products, has a wonderful performance to see! CLOT x Nike Air VaporMax Nike Flight Bonafide Nike Air VaporMax NMD R2 joint Baishan NMD R1 joint Baishan NMD R2 PK NMD CS2 PK NMD R2 PK Nike Air Max 1 "Mini Swoosh " Parley x adidas Ultra Boost marine environmental color adidas Ultra Boost Mid "Run Thru Time" Nike Air Force 1 AISCSTIGER GEL Trainer Knit Reebok Pump Supreme Ultraknit Nike Cortez Nike Air Force 1 Low PRM Ni〉 first sold in 1998 AIr Jordan 13 "Bred" will return in this month 19 days of glory. 3M reflective uppers, large area carbon plate and eye-catching "cat's eye" have been retained, with the classic "Bred" color blessing, is a rare engraved boutique. You want to start a friend can be available at the time t jordans on sale online o write. shoe information: Air Jordan 13 "Bred" color: Black/True Red-White number: 414571-004 release date: August 19, 2017 sale price: $190Summer stadium, what are the essential elements? Hot hot ground, sweat young, cool and delicious ice, of course a pair of dazzling boots! These elements constitute the court a dazzling scenery, and how to choose a pair of high-quality basketball boots, has become the pursuit of every victory, for fighting basketball youth goals. Lining basketball has prepared such a build specifically for the summer campus field quality Boots - Li Ningxin Sheng in the summer (LI-NING Rebirth)! 001IzPVqzy6Jp9FjbRaa4& amp; 690.jpeg (92.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-4 20:29 upload appear in front of us today Ningxin Sheng color named Li " " (LI-NING Rebirth " longdanzi;; Sasakia"), said a source of inspiration, with us before the introduction of " ", " sub crown; " crystal violet; creative inspiration also comes from a butterfly, the purple butterfly growth in the East Asian region. Especially in Japan, it is regarded as the butterfly to look at. Li Ni cheap air jordans ngxin Sheng " " (LI-NING Rebirth " longdanzi;; Sasakia") is a very good use of the color elements of the butterfly, the use of longdanzi basketball addict Yaogong collocation, highlighting the rapid style of fusion, on behalf of the players! 001IzPVqzy6Jp9JRXiB35& amp; 690.jpeg (81.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-4 upload 20:29 001IzPVqzy6Jp9J6kyFf5& amp; 690.jpeg (78.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-4 20:29 upload Xin Sheng 0 New Balance recently launched a series of spring, with its recent variety of popular shoes, including NB 999, NB 998, NB 996, NB 574, MT 580 and so on classic shoes, interested friends may wish to look at. 1.jpg (233.68 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 10:33 upload 2.jpg (64.01 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 10:33 upload 3.jpg (69.91 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 upload 10:33 4.jpg (64.04 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 10:33 upload 5.jpg (59.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-28 10:33 upload 6.jpg (62.75 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 10:33 upload 7.jpg (54.24 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-28 10:33 New Balance NB upload, 999, NB 998, NB 996, NB 57400With the recent combination of outdoor sports and street fashion craze, this fan-known sports brand NIKE recently released its Nike Flyknit Chukka Trainer FSB new color design. This will run sports and outdoor adventure blend of FSB shoes, red signs fly line technology constitutes shoes, toe and heel reminiscent of the Special Field Boot classic design. The last black plus white ink Free embellishment, giving a unique sense of movement trend. This time the shoe is on sale at its designated store, interested friends may pay more attention.some time ago Reebok and Vetements jointly set off a berserk boom, while the other color the blueprint of the new Reebok Reebok Pump Supreme Engine shoes have been seen as a substitute for astronomical joint models, the Reebok has brought a new double "Lead" color for us, the color and the joint is compared to the Vetements more concise. The color has now landed at the designated store. Nike Sock Dart has always been known for its comfortable wearing experience. The Nike for , Sock , Dart brings several new colors, blue, orange, purple gradient most attention, as well as pure white, rice, gray, black and other more concise color choice. It is reported that this shoe is about to land designated shops, like friends do not miss it.New Balance M574 Sonic Weld series debut 2013-12-08 23:44:15 Recently, New Balance's 996 and 580 models of high visibility, as New Balance's another evergreen model, seems to have some time did not hear the 574 news. This time, however, New Balance will bring a brand-new for us & nbsp; M574 Sonic Weld series. Series uses red, black, gray three-color tones, combined with quality suede and mesh fabric to create the body of the shoe, and then injected into different color at the heel in order to achieve the effect of embellishment. It is reported that the series will soon be available in the future. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Nike Air Force 1 Low "Huarache" color release 2014-12-20 19:44:15 & nbsp; kneading's always been good at all kinds of science and technology as well as various combinations of the classic elements of Nike, recently re-released our new shoes, overwhelmed designer's classic Nike Air Huarache iconic element blessing to Nike Air Force 1 & nbsp; on the Low, the shoes have been done in 2009 when the first sale, the Nike once again bring it back to our vision of them, I do not know in such a competitive market in retro sneakers, the ability to recover once again share honor. & nbsp; Nike for the NFL to build a training type shoes Field General II, by virtue of its excellent performance much everyone's welcome. Brand recently brought us the latest three colors, designers use Hyperfuse shoes and composite materials constituted, in the end the use Zoom Air cushioning technology to play perfect to ensure its performance while designers into the gray version 3M reflective material, so that the shoes no longer a low profile. It is reported that the sale of the shoes will be officially on August 1, interested friends may wish to look at it.